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How To Move Forward After A Major Loss

Our Public Adjusting Services are designed to handle your entire claims process from start to finish.  Our experts determine the scope of damage, document the loss, prepare required loss documents, prepare an estimate of monetary loss, and negotiate a settlement with your insurance company.  Our experts maximize your claims loss, while you focus your expertise on operating your company.  

When a business or commercial property suffers a Fire, Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Hail Storm, Collapsed Roof, or other catastrophic insurance loss, our team of Public Insurance Adjusters  negotiate directly on your behalf with your insurance company.  We cover all damages including; business property, facilities, damage to equipment, inventory, cost of unfinished goods, loss of use and loss of business revenue/income as allowed under the provisions of your commercial property insurance policy.

David vs. Goliath - Why You need a Public Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies often assign their most skilled and experienced claims adjusters to settle large commercial claim losses.  The insurer's intent here is to minimize their loss exposure, unfortunately this often comes at the expense of the  insured.  To achieve the most favorable loss settlement outcome you should have an equally experienced and qualified advocate to level the playing field against the Insurance Company.  That's where a Public Adjuster comes into play.  

Unlike the adjuster your insurance company sends to determine the extent and cost of your damages, we work for directly for you.  We have no conflict of interest, because our goals are the same, to get your the highest possible settlement so that you can restore your commercial property to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.       

Many larger institutions and corporations employ the services of risk managers and insurance consultants to assess their coverage needs and create custom insurance policies.     

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