what to do following a major insurance loss


Temporary Assistance

Contact local relief services for temporary housing, medicine, and food.  The American Red Cross and FEMA can help direct you directly following an National Emergency.

Protect Your Property

Take photos of all damages prior to performing any work to protect your home and property from further damage.  Install plywood to board up holes and cover your roof with a tarp to stop a leaking roof.  

Contact Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company of your loss and advise them if you require temporary repairs to protect the home from further damage due to water leakage or theft.  They will advise you regarding temporary housing cost reimbursement if your home is unlivable.

Contact a Public Adjuster

A Public Adjuster can file your insurance claim and schedule meetings with your insurance company to start getting you the funds to provide temporary housing, temporary repairs and begin the task of inventorying your property damage.  Don't spend countless hours working on an insurance claim, call a professional.

Photograph Personal Property Loss

Document the loss with photos and video evidence of damaged items.  Do not ever throw away damage items until they are inventoried and photographed.  Then only after consulting with your Public Insurance Adjuster.

Do Not Assign Claims Benefits to Any Contractors

Do not sign any documents that assign claim benefits to a third party contractor.  Allow your Public Adjuster to negotiate your highest claim settlement with the insurance company assigned adjuster and then take bids from reputable contractors to perform the best work for the lowest cost, saving you money.